Cute Ways to Say Hi in a Text Message: 10 Little Ways to Stand Out

Let's be friends, you just can not say "hi". In a world where there are millions of lovely ways to say hi in the text message, I expect some creativity.
Want to know the first lesson I've ever sent my boyfriend? Pope Emoji Then a Santa Emoji. Then when he asked who he was, I responded with another swarm emoji. None of these text messages have a lovely way of saying hi, but I have never claimed to be cute. Not even once.

If that story is not able to overcome it already, then if I have beautiful, knowledge is limited, especially on text messaging. Most of the time, auto correction completely changes the meaning of my message. I go into a confused troll with a lovely little angel. Once I used to mean "I hope you have a wonderful day, today" Autocorrect changed it "I hope you have tomato duck, today." You can just imagine the illusion [Read: Good things to tell people to make the world a better place]

12 lovely ways to say hi in a text message

Most of us have 90% of our days on the phone * There are figures I have made completely, please do not search anywhere *, but I know personally, I'm rarely texting. I feel like I am completely out of practice. How do I start a conversation? I might say "hi", can I do it? I mean, I think I could … but this is just so informal. I do not want to be like a loser I want to look cute and fun. but how? I'm not the sweetest or most fun of the bunch.

Anyway, since I lack the knowledge of clearly on the topic of being beautiful, so I asked my friends. Yes, three of them And then I got them to ask my friends, because obviously I was severely limited.

We are surrounded by images and stories of people who fulfill them. But, we all have not found ourselves. It is time to know how to search for the soul.
Everyone tells you to do this which makes you happy, but it is easy to do. Do you honestly make you happy? This is a difficult question to answer because most of us do not have any information. This is the reason why we need to know how to discover the soul.

Well, of course, we have things in our life that make us happy but most of the time, they are not the things we do ourselves in a more serious way. On the other hand, maybe we can imagine that we are doing our hobby as a career. However, we are not sure how to get it at that level. Understanding these things is not easy, especially when you should support yourself in your daily life at the same time. [Read: How to change negativity and how to find silver lining]

How to find the soul and look inside

So, all this said, now is the time to search for some souls. Whether you are afraid of what you want to do or you are completely lost, usually watching is the best way to really what you really need. But Spirit search does not mean that you join the yoga return or just eat soya beans.

Spirit search can be done in a variety of ways and your life style can flow. But of course, you need to know ways to do it. that's why I'm here. This is not all kumbaya.

  1. 1 It's not going to happen overnight. We all want things now, now, now Well, sorry to tell you, but it's not going to happen. If you really want to work on finding yourself and who fulfills you, it will take time.

For some, it takes weeks or months, while for other years. There is no equation for this or simple answer. Spirit search takes work and patience. [Read: 21 ways to find your inner happiness]

  1. 2 Ask questions yourself. You need to know more about yourself. So, ask yourself questions. The only way to search for the soul is to search. You need to see what you are in, what interest you have as a child, and what you want in your life

Generally, things that fulfill your life, you already do but you do not realize it. Although it is not always black and white, you can still like two things, so maybe you can mash them together. [Read: 12 life questions to help you see your future]

  1. 3 What are your natural talents? Ask this question to your family and friends because you see yourself different than those around you. You can be surprised at some of the qualities they will tell you that you have. Ask them what they come for you, maybe you are good at advising or making fun of them.

Find # 4 sweet spot This means that you want to see two and three again, given that there is something that compiles everything. This is called sweet spot. This is the best in both worlds. To find it, see the intersection of areas. Maybe you like movies and drawing-animation? see what I mean? Find sweet places where your talents and wishes are available.

  1. 5 Do not focus too much on this. I know that you want to know what you fulfill, but do not focus on every day and night. If you look very deeply at all times, then you are going to remove yourself and completely stop yourself from the thought. Take the break, reflect on what you have already completed, and then continue. There is no time limit for this.
  1. 6 Immerse things that do not make you happy. If you are surrounded by things that do not provide happiness then learning how to find soul discovery can be a challenge. So, eat things around you that are not serving you.

Regardless of whether there are relationships or activities, leave it, whatever it may be. A part of finding yourself is removing the things of your life which no longer serves you. [Read: Stop appealing people and feel better instead]

Do not think about making # 7 big goals Although the goals help in achieving very big things, if they are too big, they create tension, which inspires us. Keep goals short. Therefore, if you have a list of things that you want to try, then do one at a time, and see which activity gives you happiness. Do not make these incredible goals. This is not going to happen.

hi i am give you a best list of sites…

You can always open it with Disney Classic: "Bonjour! Good day! How is your family?" Or … you can not do this and save yourself embarrassment.

Use # 1 emoji. Smiley face with pink cheeks is my favorite to use on Hello, because it is really adorable. You can not use that emoji and can not leave people smiling: impossible Also, see the small monkey, the monkey do not have Emojis add great for any hi-texts. [Read: How to decode the meaning of colorful heart emoji]

Send a photo of # 2. You do not need to send an SMS. But make a picture of you smiling, or "waving". This is a creative and lovable way to say hi in a text message that will leave the recipient with an adorable photo too. [Read: Unwritten texing rules that you need to remember]

  1. 3 videos are also an option. Since you can send photos, you can also send the video. You can actually send a video that really sings, or maybe sing that Disney song … be sweet and have fun with it.

Use a beautiful stories # 4. "Hey beautiful lady" is a good choice or "Hey looks good, what's cooking?" Wink, Wink, Naj, Naj. These are the classics that will not be sincerely old. [Read: How to write a girl for the first time and leave a great impression]

  1. 5 Say hello to another language My best friend and I send each other's text messages, which either says "Hola" or "Bonjour", and I personally feel that it is adorable. These are obvious choices, but you can say hi in a different language too.

Open with a joke # 6. Do not even say "hello", just tell them a joke. Personally, I am a fan of knock-knock jokes, so it can be fun through text message. It is important to be fun and creative while sending these text messages because if you are serious, its lightness is lost.

  1. 7 * Wave *. I have received this lesson a few times, and how it is funny, it depends on who sends. It can be honestly in any way. But if you think you can pull it one, then go for it in every way. [Read: 50 sweet words and their real meaning]
  1. 8 "Hey you." C-L-A-S-S-I-C! This is one of the coolest ways to say hello in the text message, which is so easy, but it never fails to smile at me. Well, let me repeat it again. If someone is not interested then this text has been sent to me, then I will be closed immediately. But, if my boyfriend sent it to me, then I would be in the "ow" city.
  1. 9 Ask them how their day is going. You do not necessarily need to say "hi". You can jump straight into the conversation and ask them how their day is going. Honestly, to see this text message it is a great feeling to see your phone in the middle of the day. It is a great experience to know that someone else was thinking about his welfare in a busy day. [Read: What you need to write a man when you first want to take action]

Pet Photos # 10. Just send them a picture of your pet and say "__ hello." Nobody will ever complain about sending their way to a pet. This is a win-win for both sides. You love a

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